Lower Altamaha Historical Society

Lower Altamaha Historical  Society

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Darien, Georgia


Videos provided to web by Peyton Lingle and others

Darien, Georgia, Mattie Gladstone oral history

Ms. Gladstone went behind bulldozers when they built the Ford dealership and the outlet mall (now abandoned) in the 1990s at SR 251 and I-95 and picked up artifacts. The area was the site of four different rice plantations. She collected dozens of boxes worth. GDOT has curated and archived them at West Georgia College. She also documented numerous unknown black cemeteries that would have been lost forever without that documentation. This too is now in the archaeology record. 2012. Produced by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

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Darien Georgia Walking Tour

Historian Buddy Sullivan guides a group through Vernon Square several historic sites in Darien, Georgia



Willie Cook oral interview, Darien, GA, 2012, Gullah Gee Chee



Burning of Darien by Buddy Sullivan