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The addition of this web coverage was reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors at their meeting on February 21, 2008.

The Lower Altamaha Historical Society is involved in a number of community history related activities in the McIntosh County area. The club is also in partnership with other organizations to promote the preservation of the area's historical background.
These activities and associations will be included in this web area as data is provided.


Fort King George

The Lower Altamaha Historical Society has a close relationship with the Fort King George staff and support their activities. LAHS meets at the Fort King George conference room each month and in exchange supports the Fort's operation with needed donations of equipment and funding.

Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation Historic Site

In the early 1800s, William Brailsford of Charleston carved a rice plantation from marshes along the Altamaha River. The plantation and its inhabitants were part of the genteel low country society that developed during the antebellum period. While many factors made rice cultivation increasingly difficult in the years after the Civil War, the family continued to grow rice until 1913.

Chamber of Commerce

The Welcome Center is a good partner.  LAHS pamphlets containing info on the club and the list of books for sale are kept at the Center. The Center also tells newcomers about our organization and gives them info on when and where we meet.  The Center's staff often call with questions and also refer calls to LAHS from the visitors themselves.  There is a Cemetery Book at the Center as well, which is used as a resource when visitors stop by and have questions about where their ancestors are buried. 




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