Anyone wishing to read, do research, or  just browse through some of the plethora of genealogical information available in the Lower Altamaha Historical Society's Archives Library is welcome to do so. The building is open every third Thursday of the month from 11:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. and is located on the grounds of Fort King George (912-437-4770) in Darien, Georgia.

Censuses: Books containing all sorts of official records:
Georgia for 1820 and Georgia for 1880.   Many counties pertaining to deeds, marriages,
North Carolina for 1787. deaths, wills, obituary listings, and land
Louisiana for 1810-1820.  lotteries.
Chatham County, Georgia,  for 1860.  North Carolina
  South Carolina

The resources that are housed in our Archives Building contain information about the following families. This is only a partial list.  Cataloging is an ongoing project.

Family Data:          
Atwood Colder Hopkins O'Brien Wylly  
Black Davies Howard Robson Young  
Blount Deverger King Rowe    
Boone Downing Laurel Snow    
Brewton DuBignon Legare Stebbins    
Britt Dunham Manson Stein    
Bryan Durant McCollough Stewart    
Burkhalter Gignilliat McDonald Townsend    
Cannon Hagan McIntosh Thompson    
Carr Holmes Middleton Wallace