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  Title Author & Publisher Cost S & H
1 Darien & McIntosh County Vintage Photographs by Buddy Sullivan $19.00  $4.00
2 Sapelo island Vintage Photographs by Buddy Sullivan $19.00  $4.00
3 All Under Bank (paperback)
Roswell King Jr. and Plantation Management in Tidewater Georgia
Written by Buddy Sullivan $20.00  $4.00
4 Cemeteries of McIntosh County, Georgia  (paper back - reprint) Compiled & Published by: Lower Altamaha Historical Society $40.00 $4.00
5 Cotton Port on the Altamaha
A Historical and Archaeological Perspective of the Darien, Georgia Waterfront
Researched & Written by Buddy Sullivan, McIntosh County Historian
Published by: Lower Altamaha Historical Society
$ 5.00 $2.00
6 Early Days on the Georgia Tidewater
The Story of McIntosh County & Sapelo
A New Revised Edition- August 2016. 1,000 pages, 8 x 10 soft cover
Written by Buddy Sullivan $60.00  $5.00
7 From Beautiful Zion To Red Bird Creek
A History of Bryan County, Georgia
Written by Buddy Sullivan $50.00  $7.50
8 Georgia: A State History , 1733- 2000 Written by Buddy Sullivan $29.95  $5.00
9 Scots Of McIntosh Compiled by Lillian Schaitberger Published by: Lower Altamaha Historical Society $2.00  $1.00
10 The Darien Journal of John Girardeau Legare, Ricegrower Edited, with an Introduction, by Buddy Sullivan $25.00  $4.00
11 Sapelo: A History Researched & written by Buddy Sullivan $10.00  $2.00
12 Tabby
A Historical Perspective of an Antebellum Building Material In McIntosh County, Georgia
Written by Buddy Sullivan $5.00  $2.00
13 The Hurricane and Tidal Wave of 1898 in McIntosh County, Georgia Edited by: Buddy Sullivan
Published by: Lower Altamaha Historical Society
$5.00  $2.00
14 They Called Their Town Darien Written by Bessie Lewis; Reissued by: Lower Altamaha Historical Society with a new introduction by Buddy Sullivan that is a biography of Bessie Mary Lewis 1889 1983 $15.00  $2.00
15 History of the First Presbyterian Church of Darien 1736 1986 Written by Buddy Sullivan &
William G. Haynes, Jr.
$5.00  $2.00
16 Old Tabby 
The Ashantilly Legacy of Thomas Spalding and William G. Hayes             
Written by Buddy Sullivan
Published by LAHS in 2009 
$5.00  $2.00
17 High Water On The Bar
About the logging industry in McIntosh during the 19th and early 20th centuries
Written by Buddy Sullivan $25.00 $4.00
18 A Georgia Tidewater Companion: Essays, Papers and Some Personal Observations on 30 Years of Research in Coastal Georgia History Written by Buddy Sullivan. $30.00 $4.00
19 Northern Money & Lowcountry Georgia: 1866-1930  44 pages, soft cover Written by Buddy Sullivan.  $10.00 $3.00
20 A Low Country Diary: Bessie Mary Lewis and McIntosh County, Georgia. Includes over 100 of her Low Country Diary columns about local history. Written by Buddy Sullivan.  $22.00 $3.00
21 Sapelo: People and Place on a Georgia Sea Island. Written by Buddy Sullivan with photographs by Benjamin Galland.  $35.00 $3.00

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