Lower Altamaha Historical Society

Lower Altamaha Historical  Society

P.O. Box 1405
Darien, Georgia

Buddy Sullivan Scholarships
Bill Barton - Chairman

The Buddy Sullivan Scholarship Award, $1000, is given yearly to a McIntosh County student by Lower Altamaha Historical Society. LAHS will award a $1000 scholarship for College to a McIntosh Academy student. This scholarship is also available to current College Students from McIntosh County. Applications are available at Ida Hilton Public Library and McIntosh Academy.

Application Form (PDF)  (not available)

Mail Applications to Bill Barton 402 Ft. King George Dr.   Darien GA  31305



2021  No Award Process
2020  No Award Process
2019  Kameron Francis - A graduating senior at McIntosh Academy,
2018  Makayla Alysha Crosby - Makayla has been accepted at UGA and is interested in both law and psychology. 
2017  ??
2016  Jennifer Gale
2015  Michaela Peeler
2014  Katie Hay
2013  ??
2012  no applicants
2011  Alyssa A. Outhwaite
2010  Jacob Caldwell
2009  Whitney D. Stregles
2008  ??
2007  Mallory A. Jarriel
2006  Ciera M. Loftin - She is the daughter of Dr. Christine Draffin of Darien. Ciera spoke at a LAHS meeting on her return from a students trip to Scotland several years ago. Buddy Sullivan  presented this award June 15, at the LAHS meeting. Eight applicants applied for this award.
2005  Jared Caldwell
-  He is a well - rounded student who is third in his class. The presentation was made at the McIntosh County Academy Honors Night on May 10, 2005. Jared is the son of James and Sherre Caldwell of McIntosh County. He has been accepted at Georgia Tech. There were five highly qualified students who competed for the scholarship.
2004  Davina Desdune
-  She is the daughter of Jeffery Desdune of Meridian. The presentation was made at the McIntosh County Academy Scholarship Dinner on May 11, 2004. Davina will attend Georgia State University, Atlanta. There were six highly qualified students who competed for the scholarship.