Lower Altamaha Historical Society

Lower Altamaha Historical  Society

P.O. Box 1405
Darien, Georgia

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Echoes Library - Previous Issues
The first LAHS Meeting was held in 1980. The LAHS Newsletter was initially  the "Altamaha Echoes", and was printed on Ashantilly Press from 1986 until the 1990s. Myrtle Newberry became the "Altamaha Echoes" Newsletter Editor  in June 1992 (Vol. 2 - No. 1), Carole Williams became the editor in April 2007 and Dee Bigham was the editor for 2020-2022. The current editor starting with the 2023 August edition is Donna Claytor.

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Living on the Georgia Tidewater (click here for complete list)

Charles Oliver Fulton (Echoes June 1998)
Buddy Sullivan (Echoes Sept 1998)
Dr. Samuel Pellman Boyer (Echoes Jan 1999)
Capture of 23 old men in 1864 (Echoes April 1999)
McIntosh County Academy (Echoes June 1999)
Robert Austin Young, Jr. (Echoes Jan 2000) 
John McIntosh Kell (Echoes April 2000)
St. Catherines Island (Echoes October 2000)
"So Sings The Mighty River" Chapter 1 (Echoes Jan 2001)
William Bartram (Echoes April 2001)
Burning of Darien (Echoes June 2001)
William G. (Bill) Haynes, Jr. (Echoes October 2001)
Founding of Darien (Echoes January 2002)
Scots Live on Tidewater (Echoes September 2002)
Roswell King (Echoes September 2003)
Mill Chimney at Butler Island Plantation (Echoes January 2004)
Hammond’s Cove (Echoes April 2004)
Homes in Darien Circa 1830 (Echoes Oct 2004)
Excerpts (Echoes Jan 2005)
Commerce in Darien and on the Altamaha River (Echoes April 2005)
William G. Haynes, Jr. (1908-2001) of Ashantilly (Echoes October 2005)
Excerpt from Seas of Gold, Seas of Cotton (Echoes October 2006)


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