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The speaker for the May 18 Lower Altamaha Historical Society's monthly meeting will be Dr. Fred Marland. His subject for the evening will be “SAPELO ISLAND: How a Georgia Barrier Island was Formed.”

Dr. Marland is certainly superbly qualified on this subject, having received his BS in math and biology from Union College in Kentucky; his MS in oceanography from Texas A&M; studied as a Fellow at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts; and received his PhD from Virginia Tech University.

He worked for three years as the First Marine Scientist at Fort Johnson Marine Lab at the College of Charleston, South Carolina. On the Georgia coast, he worked on Sapelo Island at the University of Georgia Marine Institute, later served as Director of Marsh and Beach for the DNR, and lastly as Reserve Manager of Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Now retired, he and his wife Sarita live in a marsh front home off Hwy 99 in McIntosh County. He believes it is especially important to continue the study of our many coastal systems.

Since 2.6 million years ago, near the end of the last Ice Age called the Pleistocene, the Earth's climate has undergone alternating changes, from icehouse to hot house. The details of these changes have become known through the study of deep-sea sediment cores, the waxing and waning of deep polar glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctic, and their effects on the layered circulation of the world's oceans. In a complex interplay of factors, the formation of Sapelo can be proposed.

Come and let Fred put it all together for you; pictures included! That's Thursday, May 18th, at 7:00PM, in the auditorium of Fort King George State Historic Site, in Darien. 


We will host our Annual Picnic again in June this year. It will be held at 6pm at Fort King George Historic State Park in the picnic area. There will be food and games! Please plan to attend this chance to visit with your friends in history! 


 TBD – We will send out notice of this meeting by email later. Not sure yet what it will be, but it WILL be a good one!


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About the Lower Altamaha Historical Society:         

The mission of the Lower Altamaha Historic Society is to preserve and disseminate the history of McIntosh County. One of the primary missions of the Lower Altamaha Historical Society from its inception was, and continues to be, the support of the Fort King George State Historic Site near Darien, scene of the earliest English fortification in Georgia. LAHS, utilizing grant funds provided by the City of Darien, has expedited the preparation and installation of several state historic markers in the community, the most recent being the marker to the Enslaved at Butler Island in 2019.