Lower Altamaha Historical Society

Lower Altamaha Historical  Society

P.O. Box 1405
Darien, Georgia


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Reflections Upon It's Past and Some Observations on It's Present & Future by Buddy Sullivan Oct 25,2009

Upcoming Meetings

* February 15
  Maggie Van Cantfort is the Coast to Confluence Watershed Specialist with the Altamaha Riverkeeper. The Altamaha Riverkeeper works to protect the 14,000 square mile Altamaha basin that drains from the foothills of north Georgia mountains to the Atlantic Coast. Maggie monitors watershed impacts along the Ohoopee and Altamaha Rivers and forty miles of coastline. Altamaha Riverkeeper takes action to protect Georgia’s waters to achieve swimmable, drinkable, fishable water for all.

▪ March 21: Paul Downs, Manager: Richmond Hill History Museum, History of Bryan
▪ April 18: Charles Wilsterman, Author & music lover: History of Patriotic American
Upcoming Field trips
(Dates to be determined )
• Little St. Simons Island tour: Scott Coleman, Center for Coastal Conservation
• St. Marys Submarine Base Museum, Molly’s historic town tours, and McIntosh sugar mill
• Kingsley Plantation, Jacksonville FL.
• Altamaha River Delta Cruise aboard the “Delta Belle” (Ga. Tidewater OutfittersThe program for the evening will be presented by Scott Coleman, 
ecological manager for the Center for Coastal Conservation on Little St. Simons Island. Scott will summarize the history of the Island and how human history has impacted its landscapes. He will also cover a summary of his conservation work of other conservation projects.


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About the Lower Altamaha Historical Society:         

The mission of the Lower Altamaha Historic Society is to preserve and disseminate the history of McIntosh County. One of the primary missions of the Lower Altamaha Historical Society from its inception was, and continues to be, the support of the Fort King George State Historic Site near Darien, scene of the earliest English fortification in Georgia. LAHS, utilizing grant funds provided by the City of Darien, has expedited the preparation and installation of several state historic markers in the community, the most recent being the marker to the Enslaved at Butler Island in 2019.