Fort King George
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Built by South Carolina colonists in 1721, Fort King George was the southern most fortification defending the British empire in North America. Though it only lasted six short years until 1727, the fort served a monumental role toward the later establishment of Georgia.       Fort King George State Historic Site

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Yearly Projects

Several yearly events are hosted at Fort King George.

Colonial Christmas Dinner - A festive dinner in celebration of the holidays. Dinner will be at the soldiers’ barracks and will include early 18th century courses that are sure to make your Christmas special.

Drums Along the Altamaha - Fort King George was a major stepping-stone to the establishment of the colony of Georgia. Commemorate its significance with British, Spanish, Native American and civilian re-enactors, 18th century crafts and a battle reenactment.

Cannons Across the Marsh - Celebrate America’s birthday at this coastal fort with cannon firings, living history tours, 18th century demonstrations & crafts and FREE WATERMELON!

Scottish Heritage Days - Celebrate the landing of the first Scottish settlers in Georgia in 1736. The day will include 18th century crafts and demonstrations, Scottish foods and music, and a reenactment of the Battle of Bloody Marsh.

The Fort by Candlelight - Take a candle-lit walk back into history. The year is 1725 and the soldier’s of Fort King George are engaged in a variety of evening activities, including cannon firings! Refreshments are included.

Oglethorpe At Darien - A program about Oglethorpe’s historic visit to Darien among the Scottish Highland Settlers in February of 1736. An evening dinner featuring fine Scottish cuisine will be served down at the soldiers’ barracks.