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2017-2018 Activities

PRESIDENTS Annual Report

We did a super job cleaning up Bessie Lewis’s gravesite in the Hopkins Cemetery.
We started putting out a container for contributions at our membership meetings each month, in hopes that members might contribute a dollar every month to help support the funding of our annual scholarship. This year our Scholarship Committee chose Makayla Crosby as most worthy to receive our $1,000 support toward her higher education.
Sissy Kammer accepted the job of looking after the Archives. We purchased a new printer and put out a donated rain barrel to have a source for watering things there. John Wheeler, Ed Meyer, Chuck Bryan and Dan Good made significant material contributions to our Archives.
Forty members went on the field trip to Ossabaw Island, and a number of our members visited Auldbrass a few weeks later.
Martha Martin took on the responsibility of Books and Publications and puts out our available books for sale at each meeting.
We continued our financial support of Fort King George in gratitude for their generous “in-kind” support to us.
LAHS gained 37 new members, including 5 new Life Members, during the past year. We are proud to have these folks and hope you, our tried-and-true stalwarts, are reaching out each meeting to welcome them into our group. Thanks to all those who help direct our Society, and a special thank you to Buddy Sullivan for the past four years of his leadership. Those elected in May, to serve two-year terms, were Wes Tippins, President; Eunice Moore, Vice President; and Board members Bill Barton, Marshall Gaddis, Sissy Kammer and Lamar Williamson. All officers and Board Members are listed on the back of this newsletter. Program suggestions and project ideas are always welcome.
Here is a short review of last year’s programs: Buddy Sullivan gave his ”North McIntosh County: Land Use and Landscape” overview in June. July was our annual picnic with Linda Daniels and Kaye Traer coordinating. In August and September we saw two parts of the DVD by St. Simons native Stephen Doster entitled “St. Simons 360 – 400 years of the Island’s History.” Anne Packard, Director of the Moore Museum at Epworth by the Sea, brought the history of the United Methodist Church in South Georgia from the Wesley brothers in the 18th century up to the present, as our October program. In November we saw the third and final
part of the St. Simons History DVD. (We will loan this DVD to anyone who would like to see it at home – talk to Martha Martin at the book table.) December was another great “eggnoggy” Christmas party at the Belvedere Plantation clubhouse, under the sponsorship of the Klippels and the Hawkinses. Ed Meyer took us on his and Joan’s trip to Russia, Finland, and Norway in January. In February, as an intro to our planned field to Ossabaw Island in March, Elizabeth DuBose, Executive Director, spoke about its history and their current conservation efforts. It was all about “Right Whales” in March as Adam McKinnon, Education Coordinator for Sapelo Island (SINERR), recounted three centuries of its history here. April is Blessing of the Fleet month in McIntosh, and Robert Todd, a native son whose family consists of generations of shrimpers, brought that history to us as we celebrate the Festival’s fiftieth year of existence. Finally, in May, DeLeon Peacock spoke of his and his brother’s four years as youngsters at Boys’ Estate, living there and attending school and church in Darien. This safe place is still in existence where it started on Highway 99 in Glynn County. DeLeon covers thirty years of its history in his new book. Thanks to one and all!!!

 Buddy Sullivan
 LAHS President