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2011-2012 Activities

PRESIDENTS Annual Report


This year has passed so quickly that I had to have a gentle reminder to write the year-end president’s report.  As the year progressed, I had to be reminded numerous times by officers, board members, and members about issues needing attention.  To all I am grateful and say a heartfelt “Thank You” for all the support and assistance.  Because of each of you, this has really been an enjoyable year.

     I especially appreciate the help and support from our two previous presidents, Lloyd Flanders and Harriet Roberson - these ladies have an immense knowledge of people, places and events in McIntosh County.  As a relative newcomer, I needed and received their help and support.

   Our programs this year were all excellent.  Howard Klippel continues to find and schedule programs that are interesting and informative.  He has a real talent for finding programs that fit a special event or special season of the year – a special thank you to Howard for the work he does for LAHS.

    In September 2011, Ken Johnson of the Civil War Naval Museum presented a very interesting program on the Civil War Navy.  This is a feature of Civil War activities frequently overlooked.  In October William Morton presented a history of how Georgia’s boundaries have changed over time and how the state was shaped.  One of our own, Ed Cawthon, shared the fascinating story of the 1864 attack by Federal troops on the Confederate post on the McIntosh County coast for the November program.  We had an excellent Christmas party at Belvedere Plantation in December – lots of eats and treats to celebrate the holidays.

     To start the New Year, Brian Carney gave a program on Georgia’s defenses, from before the Revolution through the Civil War.  This was followed by Dr. William Collins’ presentation of the contribution of Black citizens of McIntosh County in the medical profession -  a significant number having been engaged as doctors, nurses, and pharmacists

     Pam Mueller’s new book, “Water to My Soul,” was the subject of our March meeting.  Ms. Mueller presented the life of Elizabeth Lucas Pinckney in vivid detail from early childhood until her senior years.  I read the book, and it left you feeling that you knew Elizabeth Pinckney personally.  April’s program was an update on activities of the Altamaha Riverkeeper.  So much of the history of McIntosh County is influenced by the Altamaha that programs about the river are always interesting.  The following month Janisse Ray gave an excellent presentation of her personal experiences of growing up on the Altamaha River in Appling County, and her new book about the river, “Drifting Down to Darien.”  Our summer picnic in June completed our year.  We had a great time sharing funny stories and personal experiences.

     During the year we enjoyed several excellent field trips.  The Jerusalem Lutheran Church and Salzburger Society Museum near Rincon were an interesting look at a church congregation which started in 1734, the year after Savannah was founded.  The trip to the Georgia Railroad Museum in April was also informative and interesting.  As an engineer, I have always been interested in big machinery, especially steam-powered engines.  If you did not get to attend this field trip, it is well worth your time to make the trip to Savannah to see it.

     Again, I would like to thank all the officers and directors.  A very special thank you goes to Harriet Roberson, who after serving as our president for four years, is doing an excellent job as Secretary, and helping me with the President’s responsibilities.   I look forward to the coming year.                  

Jack F. Godfrey