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2008-2009 Activities

PRESIDENTS Annual Report

      Our support for community ventures included helping McTac (a new local theater arts group) bring the Barter Theater from Virginia to perform in the local schools; having a booth at Darien Days; helping paint the newest Habitat House; celebrating the opening of Darien’s new Welcome Center in the mall; attending the dedication of the Art Association’s plaque for their building (a plaque we helped fund); and being a part of the support for the city’s new Trailhead Center on First Street.

      We enjoy and are grateful for our continuing relationship with Fort King George.  They are good to us, providing our meeting place and a home for our Archives Building; and I expect our support of them (this year with a contribution toward their Darien Days expenses as well as helping fund sponsorship of their Ceilidh) will continue.  Thank you, Steven Smith.

      Those who visit our Archives Building/Library live close by and far away (NC, SC, FL, TN, CA).  We are making some headway in organizing and cataloging.  We continue to be open to the public every Thursday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and we could use more volunteer help from our members.  Maybe you?  We have had some additional donations of materials, and Ralph Gill gave us a copy machine and two fluorescent lights which he also installed.  What a guy!  Our website, under our webmaster Jim Bruce, does a wonderful job of getting the word out about LAHS.  We get lots of questions, orders for books, and genealogical inquiries.

      Our programs during the year have been instructional and entertaining . . . in July we heard from the McIntosh County EMA Director, the Commission Chairman, and the Manager about hurricane preparedness and the tornado which visited us in May; and strangely enough, the next month, tropical storm Fay let us know that we should stay home on our meeting night.  Our favorite program presenter Buddy Sullivan took us on a lovely stroll through Darien and McIntosh history in September, and “Show and Tell” was great fun in October.  Christy Crisp of GHS traced the development of Savannah in November, while December brought our “best ever” Christmas party thanks to our hosts Howard and Jeanne Klippel and our eggnog “chef” Everett Moriarty.  In January Sudy Leavy gave us the “scoop” on Caroline Miller, Pulitzer prize-winning author of “Lamb in His Bosom,” and Maggie Toussaint told us in February about growing up in McIntosh and her new life as a romantic suspense writer.  March brought us Glynn Countian James Conine, a real knockout as honest Abe Lincoln, followed by a visit from George Washington in April when Jack Ferguson dropped by.  Our May meeting was all about swords and firearms when Brad Spear brought lots of his authentic handmade weapons to show us.  To round out the year in June, our newest member Ed Cawthon told us about the southern men who joined various units during the Civil War . . . their trials and tribulations.

      We learned a little more history as we took a field trip to Parris Island and Beaufort, and we are making a little history ourselves this year by reaching the thirtieth year of our existence.  Plans are underway for a gala celebration, and in conjunction with that we will be dedicating our newest historic marker at Ashantilly . . . all to take place in October.

      My thanks to the “subs” who filled in when I broke my hip.  We also express much gratitude for a job well and faithfully done by Jeanne Klippel who retired as Membership Chairman after more than ten years of service.  Special thanks to our “Echoes” editor, Carole Williams, who went “above and beyond” as she did her job all year by long distance.  Thanks to all of you who attend meetings, support and participate in the things we do, give of your time and talent, and help us make our organization interesting and friendly.  It is a testament to you, and our Program Chairman Howard Klippel, that our membership continues to grow; however, LAHS will not have a president when next June arrives, unless one or more of you is willing to step up and take the role(s) of leadership.  Ponder that!!

                                                                                                                                             Harriet Roberson