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2005-2006 Activities

PRESIDENTS Annual Report

We have enjoyed another year of progress and change. Effective January 2006, LAHS accepted the offer of Steve Smith, the new superintendent of Fort King George, to conduct our monthly meetings at the Fort. We are awaiting the final results of the intended condominium development adjacent to historic Fort King George. As a supporting organization, we have a responsibility to make our concerns known as they touch on the historical and educational contribution of the Fort.

We have missed the significant contributions of Myrtle Newberry during her recent illness and recovery and are looking forward to her imminent return. In her absence, we are grateful for the all the work done by Howard and Jeanne Klippel and Lloyd Flanders to keep the membership of LAHS informed.

We also acknowledge the passing of Dyson Flanders. He will be missed by everyone who knew him, to the Society, to the City of Darien, to McIntosh County, and his family. His individual and collective contributions were essential to the establishment and growth of the Lower Altamaha Historical Society and improvements in the City of Darien.

This year's programs included "The Altamaha River," "Fort Stewart Museum, "Darien, Roswell, Marietta and Sackets Harbor, NY," " 5 Centuries of Book Arts," "Harris Neck NWR-Past & Present", "Silver point Painting", "Scots-Irish Genealogy," "Neptune's Honor," to name a few. The presenters were very knowledgeable and provided new insights into their area of expertise.

With arrangements made by Ed and Joan Meyer, our members enjoyed a day trip to Cumberland Island's Plum Orchard. It was a great opportunity to for participants to look backwards to an earlier time and place. The annual Christmas party was an unqualified success. The highlight, as usual, Everett Moriarty's egg nog.

As of this writing, the $1000 Buddy Sullivan Scholarship has not yet been awarded but there are quite a few deserving applicants.

The Society has been served well by our elected officers, Board of Trustees, and the various committees and their chairmen. In particular, I would like to recognize the excellent work done by Howard Klippel in arranging for great speakers; Jeanne Klippel for her thoroughness in maintaining our current membership records; Anne (Baggett) Howard and her Scholarship Committee; Chris Milner and his nominating committee for their excellent slate of candidates; Ed and Joan Meyer for making the arrangements for our day trips; Kaye Traer for her thoroughness in so diligently keeping the financial affairs of the Society; Harriet Roberson for all her dedication in providing refreshments for every meeting; Everett Moriarity for his willingness to make sure the meeting room is properly set up and that all members and officers are signed in and for his exceptional preparation of the Christmas eggnog recipe; and for Jim Bruce's continuing service as the Webmaster of our web site . I hope I did not leave out anyone but there were so many individuals who have made a contribution to the success of LAHS, I am bound to have overlooked someone. If so, I apologize.

I consider it an honor to have served as President of this outstanding organization for a second term. I am confident that your officers and Board of Trustees will guide the Society by providing even more interesting historical and educational programs and continued service to our community.

Respectfully submitted,

Peyton Lingle