Holiday Dinner Party! December 7, 2023, Thursday  Starts at 6:00 PM St. Andrew’s Parish Hall, 106 Rittenhouse St., Darien
Here are the food items that members have already offered to bring. Please enter your RSVP below and enter any food item you will bring to share.

1 11/10/2023 Paul Nix Three Bean Salad
2 11/17/2023 Martha Martin Pistachio Cake
3 11/18/2023 Dee Bigham Potato salad
4 11/18/2023 linda(JD) daniels chicken and dumplings
5 11/18/2023 Chip & Linka Lewis Dessert
6 11/18/2023 Maria Hane Salad
7 11/19/2023 Peyton Lingle Pigs in a Blanket
8 11/19/2023 John Hyatt stuffing
9 11/21/2023 Joan & Ed Meyer Appetizer
10 11/28/2023 Linda & Gerry Morrison Dessert. The Morrison’s are new neighbors of ours - perhaps new members! - Dee Bigham
11 11/30/2023 Nathan Johns spinach and apple saad
12 12/1/2023 Diane O’rear Deviled eggs
13 12/3/2023 Julia Riley Sweet Potato Soufflé
14 12/3/2023 Bill Sara Barton ham
15 12/4/2023 Eric Teal green tea
16 2023-12-04 Lloyd Flanders
17 2023-12-04 Patricia (Pat) Watson potential members - squash casserole
19 2023-12-05 Linda and Alan Gravitt Broccoli salad
20 2023-12-06 Marshall Gaddis dessert
21 2023-12-06 Judy Lohman Green beans
22 2023-12-06 Lamar & Sandra Williamson Cherry pie
23 2023-12-07 Phyllis Woodroof Dessert

The main course will be a delicious, spiral-cut, honey glazed ham and turkey breasts, provided by LAHS.
Iced tea (sweet & unsweet) will also be provided.
We hope you will bring something to share.

Please enter your name below and your attendance RSVP.
You can bring family, but we need to know the total number in your group.


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